Inspired by South Asian culture
Inspired by South Asian culture
Inspired by South Asian culture
Inspired by South Asian culture

About The Artist

In the past two decades Moz has explored the geological qualities of his surroundings - His work draws from the fusion of South Asia and South Yorkshire within his multicultural upbringing.

The resulting work is dictated by the natural elements of earth, fire, and water when fired in reduction where presence or absence of oxygen determines the patternation of glaze on surface. The dramatic (and sometimes unexpected) variations allow him to produce a diverse range of work that embodies this natural process.

As a ceramicist, Moz's approach to making is to trust the process, providing a platform to create a hugely varied body of work unconstrained by predictability. His practice ranges from functional to sculptural ceramics and embraces an extensive range of materials and techniques, including throwing, extruding and slab building combined with the use of natural minerals as colourants.


Sep 12 to Dec 12           Sheffield Hallam University. 

                                   Coaching and Mentoring. Masters in Education module. Level 7


Sep 06 to Jul 07           University of Huddersfield

                                   Post Graduate Certificate in Education. PGCE (PCET)


Sep 03 to Jul 06            University of Leeds

                                         BA (Hons) Combined Studies Design

Professional Summary            

Artist Lecturer with fifteen years’ experience in delivering Arts Education in the area of Sculpture and Ceramics. Skilled in integrating a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary and multicultural curriculum that involves art practice, history and social movements.

Noteable Exhibitions

2006                             The Michael Young Arts Centre, Barnsley

2013                              Solo Exhibition. Booth House Gallery

2014                              Cooper Art Gallery, Barnsley

2015                              Sheffield Ceramics Festival

2016                             York Art Gallery, Centre of Ceramic Art

2016                              Earth and Fire, International Ceramics Fair

2017                              Sheffield Ceramics Festival

2018                              Art in Clay, International Ceramics Fair

2019                              Art in Clay, International Ceramics Fair

2021                              Barnsley Museums

2022                              Canon Hall Museum, Permanent Collection